Cereal Box Book Report

Posted by on Nov 4, 2012 in Assignments

Cereal Box Book Report

For this assignment students will be creating a cereal box to summarize the contents of a novel and display their knowledge.

Front: The front of the box will be a picture of their cereal. They will need to create a name for their cereal, and draw a picture depicting how their cereal looks (colour and shape). Every box will also need a prize. The prize needs to be related to the novel and a picture of it on the front of the box. You do not need to create the prize, however, it may help improve your overall mark.

Left Side – Ingredients: The ingredients for this box consists of 3 character analyses and the setting. Students will need to pick 3 different characters and describe 1 character trait they possess. This description needs to include evidence and a connection. The setting needs to answer the 5 Ws.

Right Side – Summary: The summary needs to include the major ideas and events of the story. Remember to focus on the big, important details, not the tiny, insignificant ones.

Back – Game: The game should also relate to the novel. Be creative and have fun with this aspect of the project.

Top Panel – Critique: The top needs to include the name of the novel, the author and how many pages it is. Also, include your 5 star rating of the novel. No explanation is needed for your rating. Also include your name here.

Bottom – Bonus Space: This area has no specific purpose. You can choose to use this space for extra credit or choose to leave it blank.

I will be attaching a copy of the assignment description as well as the rubric by the end of the week.