Sleep Habits

Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Health

Sleep Habits

Have you ever gone to bed and had a dream about the last thing you were thinking about? Read? Watched on TV? Did you ever wake up wondering why you dreamed about that? Have you ever had a dream where you were at school but all the other students were your family members?

It’s because while you’re sleeping your brain is still at work. It is starting to process all the information that has entered it throughout the day. It reviews what just entered it and dumps all the information it doesn’t need. Without sleep this process does not happen as effectively as it could.

When you’re a teenager you are busy. You have school, family, possibly a job and friends. It is hard to find enough time in the time to fit it all in, so you sacrifice sleep. The thing is that when you don’t sleep your brain can’t function properly making learning harder to do. If you want to do well in school you need to sleep.

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