Peer Review

Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Portfolio

Peer Review

This is a link to a survey I created so that my peers can evaluate my site and offer their feedback. This feedback will help me know where I am successful and what areas need improving.

Evaluate Site

Based on the information I collected from my survey most people found my website organized. Some struggled with navigation. One was because it did not work in Internet Explorer but once she tried a different browser it worked fine. I took into account some of the comments I gathered. I had a suggestion that the survey should open in a new window so that people will still have my website open so that they can refer back to it while completing the survey.
In regards to my artifacts most people like my Prezi. In regards to useful artifacts it was split between the Interactive White Board and the screencast. Everyone agreed that the digital avatar would be the least beneficial artifact in a classroom.

Everyone liked my layout, the colours and the pictures. They found it to be very professional looking. When I asked for ways to improve I received very little input. The only suggestion was to make the portfolio link provide a drop down menu of the artifacts. There is now a drop down menu and you can click on the Portfolio Link and it will bring you to a page of all the artifacts.